Bell 212 with T53 conversion course at A&P Helicopter-California-USA

Bell 212 with T53 conversion course at A&P Helicopter-California-USA

Bell 212 with T53 conversion course at A&P Helicopter-California-USA

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HTIGLOBAL was once again entrusted with the responsibility of conducting field maintenance training for A&P Helicopters, this time focusing on the Bell 212 with T53 conversion. As long-standing operators of Bell helicopters, including both medium and light models, A&P Helicopters is committed to upholding the highest standards of maintenance and safety for their fleet.

To achieve and sustain top-notch maintenance conditions and ensure a consistently high level of safety, A&P Helicopters engaged HTIGLOBAL to provide in-house field maintenance technical training. We express our gratitude to A&P Helicopters for granting us the opportunity to contribute to the skill development of their technical staff.

Special acknowledgment goes to Jeremy Van Vliet (VP of Operations), Gregory Fox (DOM), James Tiemann (Assistant DOM), and Chris Cafaro (QA Manager) for their invaluable support both before and during the training course.

A&P Helicopters, headquartered in Richvale, California, stands as an FAA Part 133 & 135 Helicopter Operator. Boasting a diverse fleet of light and medium aircraft, the company excels in a myriad of operations. A&P specializes in long-line lift operations for cargo and Human External Cargo (HEC), providing tailored aircraft and expert crews to meet customer needs safely and efficiently.

Their comprehensive services encompass Power Line Construction, External Cargo Operations, Construction Lifting, HEC services, Power Line & Pipeline Patrols, Law Enforcement Support, Motion Pictures, Photography, Insurance Retrieval, and much more. A&P Helicopters remains dedicated to delivering excellence in helicopter operations, meeting the diverse needs of their clientele.

 A&P Helicopter’s Fleet consists of MD500’S, Bell 407’S, Eagle 407HPs, Bell UH-1 Huey, Bell 212 (Eagle Single) w/ T53 Engine, and Bell Jet Ranger. Visit for more information!

AP Helicopters Hagar

From left to Right: Greg Fox (DOM). Pablo Linares (Instructor-HTIglobal), Juan Villanueva (Tech.), Gonzalo Curiel (Tech), James Tiemann (Asst. DOM), Jesus Torres (Tech.), Denton Deal (Apprentice), Brian Miles (Tech.), Jason Gustafson (Tech.), Liam Zaniroli (Tech.), Nathan Reynolds (Tech.), William Guse (Tech.), Jesse Kann (Tech.), and Chris Cafaro (Q.A.)

HTIGLOBAL at Helicopter Maintenance Magazine

HTIGLOBAL at Helicopter Maintenance Magazine

Helicopter Maintenance Magazine

Pablo Linares, known for his remarkable achievements, recently added another feather to his cap with a course at INTERMOUNTAIN. This endeavor not only showcased his expertise but also garnered praise from a loyal customer, speaking highly of HTIGLOBAL’s services. Today, the culmination of dedication and hard work shines brightly in the pages of Maintenance Helicopter magazine.

An article highlighting the strides made and the unwavering commitment to excellence stands as a testament to the progress and the immense pride derived from relentless efforts.

This recognition underscores HTIGLOBAL’s relentless pursuit of excellence and the acknowledgment from industry insiders for their unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

Please find the full article in this PDF and the review from Travis Harold President and Director Of Operations of Intermountain Helicopters. Regarding HTIGLOBAL.

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Fort Worth Texas-USA

Fort Worth Texas-USA

Fort Worth Texas Aids Mexican Rescue Training


HITGLOBAL secured a contract to train the Search and Rescue Section helicopter mechanics of the Mexican Government of Chiapas in the BELL 412 FIELD MAINTENANCE ADVANCED COURSE.

This comprehensive program was conducted at our partnered institution, the HELICOPTER INSTITUTE, situated in Fort Worth, Texas.

The establishment of the Secretaria de Seguridad y Proteccion Ciudadana followed the 1985 earthquake.

As part of a public policy initiative, the Mexican Republic set up civil protection, marking 25 years of dedicated civil protection efforts in Mexico.

During the course, mechanics from the Chiapas Civil Protection Department showcased commendable levels of knowledge, capabilities, compliance, and quality control.

We extend our gratitude to Randy Rowles for his invaluable support, pivotal in the success of this course!

HTIGLOBAL expresses sincere thanks to Randy Rowles, CEO of Helicopter Institute, and David Brigham, President of AeroBrigham, for their unwavering support and contributions, which significantly enhanced the course quality.

Our customers have voiced complete satisfaction with their technical training.

An important note to operators: With the collaboration of these companies: We sincerely appreciate David Brigham’s support, in allowing our students to undergo on-the-job training at his facility. Thank you!

Thailand-Thai Aviation Industries Thailand

Thailand-Thai Aviation Industries Thailand

HITGLOBAL TAI Mastery: Aviation Industries Thailand

HITGLOBAL, in collaboration with our regional partner, Phyll Technology Innovation, has been selected to provide specialized training to TAI engineers across a range of courses. The courses covered include: Bell 412 Overhaul, Advanced Field Maintenance, and Bell 412 EP to Epi Differences.

HTIGLOBAL and Phyll International extend our sincere gratitude to TAI for entrusting us with the training of their technical staff. TAI, standing for Thai Aviation Industries, is Thailand’s prominent aircraft repair and maintenance service center. Established on September 23, 2003, by the Royal Thai Air Force, TAI’s headquarters are situated in Dom Mueang. Operations commenced on January 29, 2004. For more information, visit

Thai Aviation Industries Co., Ltd initiated its operations on January 29, 2004, with the official opening of its service center in Nakhon Sawan Province on April 29, 2004. Adhering to the Department of Civil Aviation’s regulations, TAI consistently maintains high service standards.

Expanding its services, one year later, TAI inaugurated two additional maintenance service centers for light planes, aircraft, and flight training. These centers are located at the Flying Training School in Nakhon Pathom Province and Flight 604, Dom Mueang. In 2005, TAI established a tool, measurement testing, and calibration center, further solidifying its commitment to quality.

In 2006, TAI expanded its expertise by introducing the Piston Engine Repairing Division, Propeller Repairing Division, and Aviation Electronics Repairing Division, all situated in Dom Mueang. Additionally, the Helicopter Repair Center commenced operations in Lopburi Province by the year’s end.

HTIGLOBAL successfully trained 32 TAI engineers across multiple specialized courses, including Bell 412 Overhaul, Bell 412 Advanced Field Maintenance, and Bell 412 EP to EPI Differences. All training sessions were conducted in Lopburi, Thailand.

California USA

California USA

Bell 407 Maintenance Training for A&P Helicopters in California, USA


HTIGLOBAL was contracted to conduct the Bell 407 Series Field Maintenance Course for A&P Helicopters’ mechanics. A&P Helicopters, a long-standing operator of Bell helicopters, including the Bell 407, aims to uphold their fleet in optimal maintenance conditions. To achieve this, A&P Helicopters engaged HTIGLOBAL for in-house field maintenance technical training. We express our gratitude to A&P Helicopters for entrusting us with the opportunity to train their technical staff.

Based in Richvale, California, A&P Helicopters offers a diverse range of helicopter services. Their spectrum includes passenger transport, power line patrol, snow survey, firefighting, precision long-line lift operations for both cargo and human external cargo, motion picture and photography support, as well as insurance retrieval. A&P Helicopters boasts a fleet comprising MD500s, Bell 407s, Eagle 407HPs, a Bell Huey, and a Jet Ranger. Learn more about their offerings on their webpage at

Nigeria Police Force Airwing engineers

Nigeria Police Force Airwing engineers

Nigeria Police Force Airwing Engineers Training by HTIGLOBAL

HTIGLOBAL was contracted to train the Nigeria Police Force Airwing engineers for the Bell Models 412EP. The Police Airwing supports the national police in various operation types across their five bases throughout the country, operating a fleet that includes one Cessna Citation, and 13 helicopters comprising six Bell 412s, three 427s, three 206s, and one 429.

This training course aimed to increase the number of certified engineers to meet the maintenance demands required for their operations. The completed course demonstrated the crucial role of the Nigeria Police Force Airwing in ensuring the safety and success of their daily operations.

The Police Airwing diligently fulfills its core operational mandates, which encompass a wide range of activities such as aerial patrols and surveillance over cities and suspected criminal hideouts. They handle the transportation of sensitive electoral materials and suspects in custody, not only for the Police but also for other sister Security Agencies.

Their duties also include search and rescue operations, VIP movements (including those of the Presidency), medical evacuations, support to military operations (especially in troubled regions) by swiftly evacuating troops and logistics to necessary locations, as well as timely evacuations of casualties. Moreover, they facilitate the transportation of electoral materials to inaccessible areas by road, conduct general police operations such as raiding criminal hideouts and rescuing kidnapped victims, engage in anti-bandit operations, and fulfill any other duties assigned to their section.