HTIGLOBAL at Helicopter Maintenance Magazine

by | Dec 12, 2023

Helicopter Maintenance Magazine

Pablo Linares, known for his remarkable achievements, recently added another feather to his cap with a course at INTERMOUNTAIN. This endeavor not only showcased his expertise but also garnered praise from a loyal customer, speaking highly of HTIGLOBAL’s services. Today, the culmination of dedication and hard work shines brightly in the pages of Maintenance Helicopter magazine.

An article highlighting the strides made and the unwavering commitment to excellence stands as a testament to the progress and the immense pride derived from relentless efforts.

This recognition underscores HTIGLOBAL’s relentless pursuit of excellence and the acknowledgment from industry insiders for their unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

Please find the full article in this PDF and the review from Travis Harold President and Director Of Operations of Intermountain Helicopters. Regarding HTIGLOBAL.

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