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by | Mar 31, 2023

HITGLOBAL TAI Mastery: Aviation Industries Thailand

HITGLOBAL, in collaboration with our regional partner, Phyll Technology Innovation, has been selected to provide specialized training to TAI engineers across a range of courses. The courses covered include: Bell 412 Overhaul, Advanced Field Maintenance, and Bell 412 EP to Epi Differences.

HTIGLOBAL and Phyll International extend our sincere gratitude to TAI for entrusting us with the training of their technical staff. TAI, standing for Thai Aviation Industries, is Thailand’s prominent aircraft repair and maintenance service center. Established on September 23, 2003, by the Royal Thai Air Force, TAI’s headquarters are situated in Dom Mueang. Operations commenced on January 29, 2004. For more information, visit

Thai Aviation Industries Co., Ltd initiated its operations on January 29, 2004, with the official opening of its service center in Nakhon Sawan Province on April 29, 2004. Adhering to the Department of Civil Aviation’s regulations, TAI consistently maintains high service standards.

Expanding its services, one year later, TAI inaugurated two additional maintenance service centers for light planes, aircraft, and flight training. These centers are located at the Flying Training School in Nakhon Pathom Province and Flight 604, Dom Mueang. In 2005, TAI established a tool, measurement testing, and calibration center, further solidifying its commitment to quality.

In 2006, TAI expanded its expertise by introducing the Piston Engine Repairing Division, Propeller Repairing Division, and Aviation Electronics Repairing Division, all situated in Dom Mueang. Additionally, the Helicopter Repair Center commenced operations in Lopburi Province by the year’s end.

HTIGLOBAL successfully trained 32 TAI engineers across multiple specialized courses, including Bell 412 Overhaul, Bell 412 Advanced Field Maintenance, and Bell 412 EP to EPI Differences. All training sessions were conducted in Lopburi, Thailand.

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  1. Gp.Capt.Prasit Boonrat

    They are the best courses. My employees are very happy and enjoy themselves with the training. Also, the instructor has a lot of training experience and can impart his knowledge very well.


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