Nigeria Police Force Airwing engineers

by | Sep 24, 2022

Nigeria Police Force Airwing Engineers Training by HTIGLOBAL

HTIGLOBAL was contracted to train the Nigeria Police Force Airwing engineers for the Bell Models 412EP. The Police Airwing supports the national police in various operation types across their five bases throughout the country, operating a fleet that includes one Cessna Citation, and 13 helicopters comprising six Bell 412s, three 427s, three 206s, and one 429.

This training course aimed to increase the number of certified engineers to meet the maintenance demands required for their operations. The completed course demonstrated the crucial role of the Nigeria Police Force Airwing in ensuring the safety and success of their daily operations.

The Police Airwing diligently fulfills its core operational mandates, which encompass a wide range of activities such as aerial patrols and surveillance over cities and suspected criminal hideouts. They handle the transportation of sensitive electoral materials and suspects in custody, not only for the Police but also for other sister Security Agencies.

Their duties also include search and rescue operations, VIP movements (including those of the Presidency), medical evacuations, support to military operations (especially in troubled regions) by swiftly evacuating troops and logistics to necessary locations, as well as timely evacuations of casualties. Moreover, they facilitate the transportation of electoral materials to inaccessible areas by road, conduct general police operations such as raiding criminal hideouts and rescuing kidnapped victims, engage in anti-bandit operations, and fulfill any other duties assigned to their section.


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