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by | Jul 15, 2022

Sky-High Skills: Eaglecopter’s Bell Training

HTIGLOBAL was entrusted with the task of training Eaglecopter overhaul technicians specialized in Bell Models 412 and 212. Eaglecopter serves as a key supplier to the Chilean government and extends its services to the private sector. These courses significantly augment the already extensive range of capabilities that Eaglecopter Chile can now offer, not just within Chile but across the entire region. These expanded capabilities are a testament to the leadership of Ing. Mauricio Torres, who serves as the CMA General Manager. We extend our gratitude for choosing us as your training partner.

For the past seven years, HTIGLOBAL has been supporting Eaglecopter Chile. We can attest to Eaglecopter Chile’s unwavering commitment to enhancement, maintaining a consistently high standard of helicopter technicians through continuous training efforts. Being a globally recognized entity, Eaglecopter Chile’s decision to opt for our training programs for their needs and requirements is something we deeply value at HTIGLOBAL.

This version maintains the essence of the original text while refining the language for clarity and coherence, emphasizing gratitude and acknowledging the dedication of Eaglecopter Chile in maintaining high standards through continuous training.


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